Artist: TEQNiK G

Album: Trillogy

​Release Type: Compilation

Release Date: May 15, 2017

Format: Cassette Tape

Record Label: Not Just Entertainment

Notes: Limited Edition! Only 50 Copies! Never To Be Re-Released!

A-1 Intro (Not To Be Fucked Wit)
A-2 Vibe Wit Me
A-3 Same Shit (Featuring StoneyBertz)
A-4 Coming Corect (Featuring Che Bong)
A-5 Dope Emceez (Featuring StoneyBertz)
A-6 25 Dollaz On My Dresser
A-7 That Trap (Intro)
A-8 It’s Like That (Feat. StoneyBertz)
A-9 No More (Feat. Big Ro & Che Bong)
A-10 Smoke Screens (BY UrbnTurbn)
A-11 Bag It Up
A-12 I Need A...
A-13 Roll Dat Reefer (Feat. Hott)
A-14 Puffin (Interlude)
A-15 Notebook Of Rap
A-16 Beast Mode
A-17 State Of Mind (Feat. Earsiq)
A-18 Widefield (Interlude)
A-19 Box State Representatives (Feat. Hott, Che Bong, Milogic, T.E.E.3, StoneyBertz, & Ibe Hu$tle$)
A-20 Outro
B-1 Phone Time (Intro)
B-2 Fuck You Up
B-3 Representin It Right
B-4 That 719 (Featuring D-Stylz)
B-5 These Rhymes
B-6 Minute To Shine
B-7 1-800 SUCKA MC (Featuring StoneyBertz)
B-8 Raw Rap
B-9 Not Just Entertainment
B-10 Silent Film (Featuring StoneyBertz)
B-11 Devastation Through Education (Featuring Che Bong)
B-12 U Aint Doin Nothin (Featuring Reflecshaun)
B-13 TEQ & Two Ts (Featuring HoTT)
B-14 No Static
B-15 All I Do (Featuring Che Bong)
B-16 True Dat (Featuring Ibe Hu$tle$)
B-17 Phone Time (Outro)

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